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       Refinishing vs. Remodeling 

Refinishing, also known as resurfacing means applying a new coating to an existing surface. Many remodelers don’t talk about it, but there is a way to get a completely refinished bathroom or kitchen without doing a full scale remodel. If you like the floor plan and how your bathroom or kitchen are set up, refinishing is sometime a better option than remodeling.

At Greg & Co, we provide options that include resurfacing/refinishing and it’s an easy way to save money. If fact, bathroom and kitchen refinishing can be for less than ¼ of the cost of a full-scale remodel and in less than ¼ of the amount of time.

Here’s what you need to consider:

# Do I need/want to make any major changes to the layout of my bathroom or kitchen? If you want to change the configuration of your room, then you are going to want a full bathroom or kitchen remodel.

# I like how my bathroom or kitchen is set up and I like the amount of storage space…but it needs to look much better! If the appearance of your room needs serious upgrading, but your happy with how it is laid out, then refinishing could be the way to go.

# What is your budget and how long to you want it to take? The #1 thing refinishing has over a remodel is that it costs about ¼ of a full scale remodel and can be done in about ¼ of the time. And your bathroom or kitchen is beautifully made-over


Refinish or Remodel. What’s right for you? We can’t give you a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer if a bathroom or kitchen refinish is right for you – every situation is a unique circumstance. But we can give you some general guidelines that can help you as you think through your bathroom or kitchen makeover.
Still unsure? There’s an easy, risk-free way to get more specific answers for your situation. It’s to Contact Us get a quote on your project.

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Greg Keim.
Owner & Designer. Affordable, fast, amazing results.

We provide Surface Refinishing and Interior Design Services. We work with projects of every type, budget, style and size.

Surface Refinishing: 
-Bathtub & Shower Refinishing
-Vanity Refinishing
-Bathroom Tune-ups
-Kitchen Countertop       refinishing

-Cabinet Makeovers

-Kitchen Make-overs

Interior Design:
-Floor plan layout, drawings     & elevations.
-Furniture plan & drawings.
-Lighting plan & selections.
-Accessory selection.
-Shopping assistance.
-Materials, paint color & pallet selection.
-Onsite visits, meetings & consultations.
-Communication with contractors, builders & tradesmen. 


Greg Keim, Owner




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Hello. I'm Greg Keim.

Greg and Company is a Minneapolis based firm. I am an independent interior designer.

And we are experts at resurfacing/refinishing and painting We will make sure your project goes smoothly and achieves the quality results you deserve. 

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Greg did a Make Over on my cluttered, spare bedroom and transformed it into a gorgeous office and library. Greg redesigned and painted the room. It's my favorite room in the house. I'm so much more productive now.  I rave to my friends about what he did for me.

Romona R.....

Greg helped me get my property ready to sell. He provided advice about buyer friendly neutral colors, painted my house and restored my window trim back to their original shape. I know his services got me thousands more when I sold.   

Dodee M....

 I was worried when I downsized into a studio, I contacted Greg right away. Greg and his staff painted and detailed my new condominium. It was a complete make over.  Now I love my condo.

Arnie R...

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