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Luxury Bathroom

Greg & C0 Surface Refinishing 

Affordable and fast alternative to replacement.

  • Make your old bathtub look great again. Save thousands by refinishing!
    Starting at $425
  • Refinish your tub and shower surround instead of replacing the tile.
    Starting at $675
  • Refinish your shower tiles instead of replacing. Make it look Amazing!...
    Starting at $550
  • Is your bathroom vanity dated, discolored or looking tired? Refinish!
    Starting at $300
  • Give your tired looking vanity a fresh, new look!
    Starting at $350
  • Refinish bath tub, vanity top, cabinet doors & box, paint walls & ceil...
    Starting at $1,850
  • Refinish counter tops, cabinet doors & drawers, paint walls and ceilin...
    Starting at $3,850
  • Get a beautiful countertop finish without spending a fortune.
    Starting at $450
  • Give your kitchen cabinets a nice, fresh look at an affordable price.
    Starting at $2450
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